Coalway Junior School

Year 5, Classes 5 & 6

Welcome to Year 5!


The Year 5 team are Mrs Geer, Mr Scrivins, Miss Henderson, Mrs Ball and Mrs Mason. We have already had a fantastic two terms and are looking this term at Slums in Geography. 


We also have our Year 5 trip to London’s Natural History Museum


We have organized our first Year 5 trip, and what a trip it is, to London’s Natural History Museum on Thursday 3rd February!


We will be exploring the whole museum and taking part in a Mission to Mars: LEGO® Explorers Workshop. In this workshop pupils will design, create and code a Martian rover using LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 robotics sets in this hands-on workshop. Pupils work in small teams to design and build a LEGO Martian rover. They then code, test and evaluate their designs before seeing how their rovers perform on a realistic Martian surface.


Around the museum we will be making curriculum links with Space our theme in Term 3 in Science, revisiting volcanoes and Earthquakes from Year 3 and looking at the evolution of animals (plus just getting some fab general knowledge!). The letter for the trip can be found at the bottom of this page. 


Weekly Homework Tasks

  • You must read at least 3 times each week to an adult at home. Each time you read, you must get your reading record signed by an adult. Please bring this into school every Monday to be checked. Each week we ask that you complete an activity in your reading record from the Reading tasks set for you.
  • Remember to complete your My Maths homework. This will help you to practise what we have been learning in class.
  • Try and use Lexia at least once a week for 20 minutes. Lexia is fantastic for helping with reading and comprehension skills.
  • We want to be super spellers! You need to use Spelling Shed at least 3 times each week. This will help you to understand the Year 5 spelling patterns as well as practice spelling rules from your previous years.


Your PE t-shirts should be in your house colour and clothes with logos and stripes should not be worn. You will need to bring your indoor PE kit and leave it in your locker to change into for the lesson. Our indoor PE lesson will take place on a Wednesday afternoon. Every Friday, you will need to wear your outdoor PE kit to school so you are dressed ready for the lesson. Please make sure you are wearing warmer PE kit (jogging bottoms and sweatshirt) during the colder months.

Visit to the Natural History Museum