Coalway Junior School

Design Technology

Through our diverse design and technology projects, our children learn to work with a variety of materials and become resourceful, innovative and enterprising learners. We provide children with opportunities for independent, collaborative and whole class projects; studying the work of the great designers and inventors of our time, both past and present. Our children understand the importance of such designers and inventors and consequently the impact of this on daily life and the wider world. We adopt a cross-curricular approach to delivering design and technology applying knowledge from a range of subjects such as, maths, science, computing and art and design. Our children understand the importance of using a range of materials to research, explore, plan, make and evaluate products.

The big ideas...

•    We study and understand the importance of the work of significant designers and inventors throughout history.
•    We understand the ‘journey’ that our design and technology work will take by researching, exploring, planning, creating and evaluating each final product for a wide range of users. 
•    We take inspiration from a range of sources to effectively plan the most appropriate product so that it is suitable for purpose.

Children in Year 3 were very excited to make their own soup. They all made their own, healthy vegetable soup using fresh vegetables. The children learnt many techniques along the way including chopping techniques such as claw and bridge. A massive thank you to Mrs Evans who helped the children make their soups. 

Savoury Pancake Assembly

At Coalway, we want to encourage children to cook with fresh, savoury ingredients. With Shrove Tuesday approaching, we took the opportunity to show the children that even the humble pancake could be used as part of a delicious savoury lunch. We had a fun assembly learning how to use fresh ingredients to make our own savoury pancakes. A cooking demonstration was carried out by Mrs Evans and a pancake tossing competition was performed by Mrs Lyons and Mr Fishwick. Mrs Lyons was hailed the champion!

Coronation Quiche Competition

To celebrate the coronation of King Charles III, we set the children the challenge of designing their own Coronation quiche.  We had so many unique ideas, choosing any finalists was extremely difficult.

The three finalists' recipes were baked by Mrs Evans and then the staff completed a blind taste testing.

Well done to our winners and well done to everyone who took part. We definitely have some star bakers in the making!