Coalway Junior School

Year 4, Classes 3 & 4

Welcome to Year 4 with Mrs Evans, Miss Milliner, Mrs Russell and Miss Aston.

This term will be full of fun and some fantasic activities. We will learn how to write chronologically as  we explore the fascinating text ‘Secrets of a Sun king.’
As we complete our sentence stacking activities we will learn the skills needed to write our own superb, interesting recounts.
Our Geography topic is sure to interest you, as we learn all about migration. We will learn what drives people to move from one place to another and the advantages and disadvantages this brings to different countries. We will learn whereabouts people move from across the world and the jobs and happiness it brings to lots of peoples lives.


We will also become Artists as we practise our painting skills. We will learn all about the artist Salvador Dali and create our own piece of Surrealism artwork by studying his master pieces.

Why not try and find out what we mean by Surrealism and investigate different pieces of Art work by Salvador Dali, in preparation for our new topic. You could be the knowledge expert in the class! 
Challenge – Can you find out the name of this piece of art by Salvador Dali? 


Weekly Homework Tasks


•    You must read at least 3 times each week to an adult at home. Each time you read, you must get your reading record signed by an adult. Please bring this into school every Monday to be checked. 

You will be given a weekly times table task to do. Please complete this task, in order to help you to learn the times table facts.
•    Remember to complete your Maths homework. This will help you to practise your math skills.
•    We want to be super spellers! You need to play at least 8 games on  Spelling Shed each week. This will help you to understand the Year 4 spelling patterns as well as practice spelling rules from previous years. Remember Year 4 wants to be at the top of the leader board so everyone needs to lend a hand! 

Year 4 Times Table wizards! 
In Year 4, we have the task of learning all of our times tables up to 12 times. This takes lots of practice. We will help in class but you will need to put a lot of effort in at home so that you know each fact instantly! It’s a challenge but we know you can do it if you try really hard and put the work in. 
As well as using TTRockstars using your school login, here are some websites to help you –



Your PE t-shirts should be in your house colour and clothes with logos and stripes should not be worn.
You will need to bring your indoor and outdoor PE kit and leave it in your locker to change into for lessons. Our kits need to be in school for a Monday (outdoor), Thursday (indoor) and Friday (indoor).
Please make sure you have a warmer PE kit (jogging bottoms and sweatshirt) during the colder months. 

Take a look at our theme map to find out what we will be learning about this term.