Coalway Junior School

Year 4, Classes 3 & 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Mr Fishwick and Mrs Evans

Whilst your at home make sure you

  • Read daily
  • Log onto Spelling and Maths Shed
  • Complete My Maths
  • Complete Lexia

Although we may not all be in school as normal during this term, in Year 4 we will be learning all about the Anglo-Saxons and Scots. We will be finding out how and why they came to Britain. We will learn about the promises that were made and the treachery that occurred!

Through the use of the wonderful picture book, The Wolves in the Walls, we will be learning how to create our own story. The book is full of inspiring language that we will be able to 'magpie' for our own writing.

In maths we will be developing our multiplication and division skills before moving on to area and perimeter.

In Year 4 we will also become bakers! Through taking inspiration from the TV chef Mr Paul Hollywood, we will design and bake our own tasty bread.