Coalway Junior School


We Are All Artists

At Coalway Junior School we believe Art and Design stimulates creativity, imagination and inventiveness. We believe that art gives our pupils the skills, concepts and knowledge needed to express responses to ideas and experiences. We provide children with opportunities for independent, collaborative and whole class projects; studying the work of a range of artists  and focus artwork to inspire their pieces.



Our teaching provides children with an understanding of a diverse range of art forms as well as a broad experience of art periods throughout history. Our children understand the importance of exploring a range of media, planning final pieces and evaluating our work throughout each project. 

The big ideas...

•    We study and understand the importance of the work of significant artists throughout history.
•    We understand the ‘journey’ that our art work will take by researching, exploring, planning,  creating and evaluating each project.


Exploring and Investigating

Our Art Festival 2024 - I Can Paint!

This year, during art week, we have been practising our watercolour skills.


 The week kicked off with an assembly with Mrs Evans and our dance and lyric workshop leader from Canopy Arts, Abi Wright. All children took part in a watercolour workshop with Mrs Evans, Mrs PG and Emily and applied the skills to their marvellous artwork. 

All year groups studied two famous artists and their work to inspire their own designs.  Year 5 children had a wonderful time carrying out dance and lyric workshops with Abi. They then performed their dance at the local Art Festival in Coleford.

Surrealism Artwork inspired by the work of Salvador Dali