Coalway Junior School

Year 3, Classes 1 & 2

Welcome to Year 3!


Mrs Lyons, Mrs Walkley and Mrs Price

Whilst your at home make sure you

  • Read daily
  • Log onto Spelling and Maths Shed
  • Complete My Maths
  • Complete Lexia





Although we may not all be in school as normal this term, in Year 3 we will be learning all about the Shang Dynasty. We will be finding out how we know about the Shang Dynasty and how did it actually begin. Also we will be studying what life like for people in the Shang Dynasty era. We will also be looking at who General Fu Hao was. 


In English, we are looking at an exciting unit of work called 'Journey To the Jungle'. It will take us on a journey through a wardrobe taking us to magical places and discovering new lands! Our writing skills are really going to be great after this!


In Maths we will be developing our multiplication and division skills and also looking at length and money. 


In Art, we will looking at the work of Paul Klee, focusing on his work 'Castle and Sun' in particular. Our final piece of work we will be creating will be a collage using geometric shapes of Ancient Chinese Architecture. Very exciting!

In RE we are looking at how festivals and worship show what matters to a Muslim. 

Music this term we are going to be learning a song called 'Three Little Birds' by Bob Marley. We will be taking part in lots of lovely musical activities around this song.