Coalway Junior School

Who's Who

Meet our Staff 


Mr J Barrow

Headteacher and DDSL

Mrs N Dixon

Deputy Headteacher, SENCO and DSL

Mrs T Pineda-Gorriz

School Business Manager

Mrs T Evans

Senior Leadership Team, Class 4

Mr L Holder

Senior Leadership Team, Class 7


Year 3

Mr B Fishwick  

Year 3 Teacher - Class 1 

Mrs J Walkley

Year 3 Teacher - Class 2 (Job Share)

Mrs B Price

Year 3 Teacher - Class 2 (Job Share)


Year 4

Miss B Milliner

Year 4 Teacher - Class 3

Mrs T Evans 

Year 4 Teacher - Class 4


Year 5

Mrs C Wathen

Year 5 Teacher - Class 5

Miss K Henderson

Year 5 Teacher - Class 6 (Job Share)

Mrs R Manns

Year 5 Teacher - Class 6 (Job Share)


Year 6

Mr L Holder 

Year 6 Teacher - Class 7

Mrs F Lyons

Year 6 Teacher - Class 8


Mrs A Jomain

PPA Cover Teacher


Mrs K Young

Teaching Assistant - Class 1, HLTA

Mr M Scrivin

Teaching Assistant - Class 2

Ms S Aston

Teaching Assistant - Class 3

Mrs B Russell

Teaching Assistant - Class 4

Mrs G Lusted

Years 3 and 4 EHCP Support

Mrs L Brice

Teaching Assistant - Class 5, HLTA

Mrs J Ball

Teaching Assistant - Class 6, HLTA

Mrs H Ford

Teaching Assistant - Class 7

Mrs K Fortet

Teaching Assistant - Class 8

Mrs A Moore

Learning Support Worker


Pastoral Support Team 

Mrs N Dixon

Pastoral Lead

Stella Kandinsky

Pastoral Support and DDSL

Emily James

Pastoral Support and DDSL

Claire Chandler-Brown

SENCO and Pastoral Support, DDSL


Midday Supervisors

Mrs Cox

Mrs Harper

Mrs Brookes

Mrs Fortet

Mrs Whitaker

Mrs Hurley

Mrs Buffin



Class Structure 2023 - 2024