Coalway Junior School

PE and Sport Premium

At Coalway Junior, we recognise the positive effect of PE to the health and well-being of the children. We believe it's important that children receive two hours a week of high quality PE lessons which are delivered from an innovative and varied PE curriculum. 


Each class will partake in both outdoor and indoor PE and will focus on different aspects of PE termly. To see what classes are currently focusing on please click the link below:

30 A Day

At Coalway Junior school we understand the importance of an active lifestyle. As well as the timetabled 2 hours of P.E a week, we aim to provide children with at least 30 active minutes a day by providing opportunities for children to have active lessons, active play times and participate in sports clubs.  


Lunch Times

Every day, year 6 Sports Leaders deliver activities to other children to encourage others to have an active play time. These activities include many different sports and games. The sessions are provided so that children enjoy their play times; develop key skills such as sportsmanship, leadership and perseverance; and increase their daily time of being active.


Additionally we have our dancers on the playground each lunchtime from 1 - 1.15 leading dance routines to music to get everybody moving.


The Trim trail is another lunchtime opportunity for the children to be active and improve their balance and coordination whilst being adventurous!


Please click the link below to find out about Sports Premium and the funding the school will receive for PE and sport this academic year.


At Coalway Junior School we believe in healthy competition. We participate in many competitions yearly including netball, cross country, football, GPJ, athletics, cricket and the Panathlon. We offer a range of afterschool clubs which help us to prepare for the competitions, allow the children to participate in a variety of sports and provide the children with an opportunity to have fun and take up a new hobby.