Coalway Junior School

Emergency Closure Information

Emergency Closure Information


Procedure in the event of school closure due to severe weather conditions.

  1. If the school is likely to be closed, those of you who have given us an up-to-date mobile number will receive a text message telling you that the school is closed.

  2. A message will be sent via eSchools. Alerts will also be sent via Facebook and Twitter. If you have not received an alert, please check the school website at We advise you to download the eSchools App and follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

  3. If you have not received confirmation that the school is closed by 8.30 am and you are still unsure, telephone the school to check whether there is a closure or check the website that shows all school closures in Gloucestershire on

  4. It may be necessary for the school to close during the course of the day. In that case, it is very important that we have up-to-date emergency contact numbers as a text message will be sent in the first instance.