Coalway Junior School


Welcome to Religious Education at Coalway Junior School


 We follow the Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus which has been created for Gloucestershire SACRE and approved by Gloucestershire County Council. 


We feel it is important to prepare children and young people for life in a twenty-first century world, and it is clear that religion and belief play a central role in local and global affairs.


Religious Education gives Coalway pupils an ideal opportunity to explore matters of religions and non-religious beliefs. The  three elements we will follow are: Making sense of beliefs ,

Making connections and understanding the impact.


This week our year 4 pupils are in for a real treat! To begin their topic' What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today?' we have Daxia coming into school from Hello India to work with the children on some exciting workshops. 

Photos to follow! 


Year 4 meet Daxa to discuss Hinduism

Year 5 Visit!

Year 5 went to visit the Church of the Good Shepherd .The children met the Rev Sarah Bick and lay preacher Denise Hogan, they explained there role in the Church and the different parts of a Church. When back in school the children were  then able to identify the altar, lecturn and font in there work.

Christmas card competition

Before Christmas Coalway Junior School were invited by our local M.P. Mr Mark Harper to design a Christmas card  for him. The design was to show the true meaning of Christmas.

We are delighted to announce that 3 of our children won the competition.

Bryanna in year 5 was first with runner ups being Lucas in year 5 and Isla in year 6.

Bryanna will soon receive her prize- a tour of The Houses of Parliament very soon off

Mr Harper M.P.

I'm sure you'll agree their entries were amazing!