Coalway Junior School

Year 2 - September 2020 intake

Week 13th July Additional Activities

Week 6th July Additional Activities

Week 29th June Additional Weekly Activities

Week 22nd June Additional Weekly Activities

Week 15th June Additional Weekly Activities

White Rose Maths


As a school we have purchased White Rose Maths for Home Learning. There are daily videos and worksheets that can be completed. Your child can watch the video on their own or you could sit together and then there are the worksheet questions to work through. Please feel free to use with your children as a lot of the strategies covered they will be using in Year 3. The daily videos to use with the worksheets can be found on the link below.

Daily Task 02.07.20 ~ if you would like your transition worked displayed ready in your classroom for September take a photo and email it back to school or on your daily walk drop it into the postbox in the parent shelter.

Year 2 Task 26.06.20

Year 2 Tas 25.06.20

Year 2 Task 22.06.20

Year 2 Task 18.06.20

Year 2 Task 12.06.20


Look on our daily updates. Today your task is the same as the rest of our Junior School children. Have fun!

Daily Task 05.06.20


Todays daily task is on the Daily Updates page and is an art activity to complete with Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

You can find the Year 2 task for today under Daily Updates. You will be doing the same work as Years 3, 4, 5 and 6! Enjoy getting messy!

Year 2 Reading Task 01.06.20

Mrs Hollands Art and Reading Task 18.05.20

Mr Barrows Maths Tasks for week 18.05.20

Mr Holders English Task

English Activity 2

Sound Walk

Today on your daily exercise take a notebook or some paper and a pencil and stop and listen to all the sounds you can hear. The lockdown has allowed our local birds and wildlife to flourish! Can you hear the wind? Families chatting on their daily exercise? Write down all the sounds and then when you get home try and put them into a sound poem like the one below.

Sound Poem

English Activity

English Activity 1

Write a letter to the teachers at Coalway Junior School telling us all about yourself.

You could include

~ Favourite hobbies

~ Activities you have completed during the lock down

~ About your family

~ Your favourite food etc

We have added some rainbow lined paper at the bottom if you have access to a computer you could print it out to write on.

You could always take a picture of your work and email it to for us to read.