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Daily Update

Daily Update


Todays task is brought to you by Mrs Lyons!







Daily Task 02.07.20 ~ if you would like your transition worked displayed ready in your classroom for September take a photo and email it back to school or on your daily walk drop it into the postbox in the parent shelter.

Daily Task 26.06.20


15.05.20 Miss Jenkins Computing Task

Miss Jenkins has a fab Computing task for you today. The answers for the Guided Reading tasks will be posted this afternoon so you can mark your own. You could always write your answers straight into your exercise book.

Mr Fishwicks PE Activity and Guided Reading 23.04.20

Mrs Price Music and Guided Reading Task 22.04.20

Miss Jenkins Computing Task 03.04.2020

Find below Mrs Lyons and Mr Tadhunters Science Task for 01.02.20

Find below Miss Hendersons Geography Task 31.03.20

Find below Mrs Prices Music Task Monday 30th March

'Beat Goes On' workshop

Find below Mrs Walkleys History Task Friday 27th March

Find below Mrs Martins RE task for Thursday 26th March

Find below Mr Barrows maths task for Wednesday 25th March