Skip 2B fit

13th January 2017



On Friday 13th January, Coalway school took part in a amazing event called Skip 2B Fit. David (from Skip 2B Fit) came to teach us key skipping skills and motivate us to skip more often to obtain a healthy lifestyle.

We had to skip for 2 minutes while the (very technical) skipping rope counted how many skips we did, the aim was to beat our personal best. Here are our top skippers:



Y3-Heidi 138

C7 Teacher-Mr Holder 278

Y4-Paige 215

C7 TA-Mrs Hoare 178

Y5-Lucy 178

C1 Teacher- Miss Henderson 132

Y6-Roan 212

C2 TA- Mrs Young 106


C2 Teacher- Mrs Price 110


C4 Teacher- Miss Jenkins 139


C5 TA- Mrs Brice 148


Congratulations to these people above. They obviously listened to David when he said “You can B the best you can B,” without a doubt these people must have been very determined to achieve these scores.



The competition is now on to see who can beat the current leaders. There is a score board outside the office- get your name on there!



By Joshua Watkins, Lucas Cousins and Gracie Hewitt.