School Council

Our School Council
We have a very active school council who represent our pupils and who help lead important changes in our school.
Each year a ballot is held in the school hall where two class councillors are elected. The Year 6 children apply for the roles of chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer and head of school council,
This year we have
Chair - Minnie
Vice Chair - Lily
 Secretary - Olivia
Treasurer - Lauren
Head of school Councillors - Chloe
Our school council take charge of running the School Council Shed allowing children from all year groups to play with extra equipment at lunchtimes.
Our School Councillors for 2018-2019 are
Class 1 - Tippi & Archie
Class 2 - Jessica & Jake
Class 3 - Autumn & Alex
Class 4 - Gwen & Josh
Class 5 - Maya & Alfie
Class 6 - Heidi & Archie
Class 7 - Jack & Jasmine
Class 8 - Saffron & Cameron