Coalway Junior School Curriculum Overview 2016 – 2017

We teach our curriculum through themes and link all subjects so that the children become fully emersed in what they are learning about. The children work towards producing a high quality theme book which they value and feel proud of. As a school we try to ensure we use our local area as a resource as much as possible. If you would like to find out more about our curriculum please visit our school blog, class pages or feel free to contact the school.
  Terms 1 & 2 Terms 3 & 4 Terms 5 & 6
Year 3
Into The Forest
A theme led by the book 'Into the Forest' looking at our local area and The Victorians. A local visit to Coleford looking at how Coleford has changed as a town and a visit to Cardiff Castle.
Escape from Pompeii
Led by the book 'Escape from Pompeii' and looking at The Celt and Roman time periods.
Jack and the Beanstalk
Looking at teeth, healthy eating and growing our own fruit and vegetables. A trip to the 3 Counties to learn about everything agricultural.
Year 4
Tomb Raiders 
Looking at the history of The Saxons and The Vikings.
Go with the flow (Solids/ Liquids Changing States)
Year 5
Stig of the Dump 
Looking at the changes during the Iron and Stone Age period based around the book 'Stig of the dump'. A local visit to the Viney Hill Centre making fire!
Space and our Earth
A science and geography theme based around space and with a focus on Volcanoes! A visit to a planetarium in our school hall!
Ancient Greece (Ancient Greece)
Year 6 Ancient Mayans (Ancient Mayans) Battle of Britain (World War 2)
Funfairs Patagonia