Girls Football

18th January 2017



On Wednesday 18th January, Coalway Junior School’s girls football team went to Dene Magna for the very first time this season. 

The girls did really well, playing their first match against Wollaston with the score at 1-0. Sadly, they did lose this match, but that’s ok. Next, they played Lydney, but lost again at 2-0 - yet they still showed great sportsmanship. Lastly they played Mitcheldean with the score at 2-1. Abbie ‘Fuzzy’ Fuzzard scored for the team in the final few minutes of the game.

Here’s a list of the great girl’s that played these 3 great games…

Girls Football Team 2016-2017

Abbie ‘Fuzzy’ Fuzzard-Striker

Dilys Barrow-Defence

Gracie Hewit-Midfielder

Charlotte Griffin-Defence

Chelsey Price-Midfielder

Amber McClean-Goalkeeper

Ellie Brackston- Substitution

Lily Dover-Substitution


Well done to all of the above and our next blog will be coming out soon. Thank you for reading and bye.

By Lucas J. Cousins