Intermediate Gymnastics Competition

10th February 2017

On Friday 10th February, 11 gymnasts from Coalway Junior School went to Five Acres to compete in an intermediate gymnastics competition. The Gymnasts were:


Lily B (Year 3)

Drew (Year 4)

Kourtney (Year 3)

Marcie (Year 5)

Minne  (Year 4)

Amber M (Year 5)

Lily- Mae (Year 3)

Evie (Year 3)

Lily (Year 5)

Morgan (Year 6)

Finley (Year 6)


Congrats to all of the above, you all did great and even better... Finley came home with a gold medal! Well done Finley, he must have had a tough fight for the top against Severn banks! But it is not just Finley we're applauding, well done to all of the gymnasts for the hard work you've put in and effort and determination that you showed. 


By Lucas J. Cousins and Joshua L. Watkins.