Governing Body

Coalway Junior School has 10 governors, some of whom represent the parents, some are members of the school staff whilst others represent the local community. We also have associate members who are experts in their field and offer advice to the governing body. Parent, local authority and co-opted governors hold their position for at least four years whilst school members of school staff are appointed for at least two years. The Head Teacher remains on the governing body for the duration of their appointment at the school.

Governors are deliberately drawn from a wide range of occupations & skills, so between them they can provide the school with business, IT, language, logistical, legal & educational skills & expertise.

What we do
The governing body is legally responsible for the governance of the school, which includes setting budgets, making sure the buildings are well maintained, and giving staff the support and resources to deliver the curriculum. Governors also play a part in recruiting new staff, helping implement government Schools policies (from anti-bullying to Special Educational Needs) and planning for all aspects of the school’s development – from setting targets for the children’s achievement to improving the existing buildings and facilities.

How we do it
Governors hold full meetings a minimum of 3 times a year, and each governor is also assigned to one or more specific committee (the committees deal with everything from the National Curriculum and Staffing issues, to Premises, Health & Safety, Child Protection and Publicity). In addition to this many governors are familiar faces around the school – we attend school functions, are present at Parents Evenings and have individual responsibilities related to different curriculum subjects.

Why we do it
Being a governor involves a huge amount of time and commitment. We need to familiarise ourselves with the world of education, get to know every last detail about how the school functions, plough our way through endless acronyms and educational lingo, and deal with Shire Hall. Governors are not paid, even though they are legally responsible for the School’s management. However, no-one who serves as a governor at Coalway does so for any reason other than the chance to promote the school and ensure that it runs as efficiently and successfully as possible.
Contact the Governing Body
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